Answer: What Can I Do to Lose Weight Fast?

Losing weight is often a very frustrating thing. Besides the time is not short, losing weight also takes a small budget. Living in an urban environment can make our lives disorganized. Some of the causes, due to burnout and high-stress levels due to excessive workload. Not to mention, if every day must penetrate the metropolitan city traffic jams. It certainly will make you lazy to exercise and vent it with irregular eating. Here is the answer from “what can I do to lose weight fast?”

Must have breakfast!

Citing Cosmopolitan, the habits of people who don’t like breakfast can make you gain weight. In a study found, those who do not eat breakfast tend to eat lunch and snack more than people who do breakfast in the morning. Breakfast is very important in a weight loss program.

Consuming lemon water in the morning

Those who like to consume lemon water can reduce their weight more easily. Because lemon contained potassium which can increase muscle mass. The acidic liquid in the lemon also helps burn fat in the stomach faster. As long as it is balanced with regular exercise and balanced food. This is the most-recommended tips for your “what can I do to lose weight fast?” and also consuming many herbs is one of the Cinderella Solution.

Adjust sugar and calorie consumption

Eating sweet food for some people is happiness. Behind that happiness turns out sugar stores negative things that can make your stomach bloated. So that you stay healthy and slimmer, limit your calorie consumption by 1500 to 2000 per day.

Avoid eating above 19:00

Eating too late can disrupt your metabolism when you are resting. So that the absorption of nutrients from food into the body becomes inhibited. Try to eat dinner at 19:00 every day, or four hours before going to bed tonight so that the digestion process goes well. And if possible, just eat a fruit or vegetable menu.Sleep six to eight hours every day

To perfect a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise you need to sleep at least six hours a day every day. So that the next day your body can feel fresher and move more optimally.


The last tips to answer your “what can I do to lose weight fast?” is Sports. Sports that you can are running and cycling. Besides being easy, this sport does not require a lot of budgets so it will save your finances too. You can do running and cycling around your environment too.