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We from the Toba Healthy Team have experience in research, we hope that the information we provide to you can help you make a decision before buying a product, and we hope that you gain in-depth knowledge from it.

Terms of Use

When you use this website, you are indirectly governed by the following terms and conditions:

1. Copyright Marketing

All content on this Website is our intellectual property and you cannot copy or reproduce it without our consent. If you only copy our research data, make sure you save a link related to our website, because our research data is always updated (always changing) from time to time.

2. About warranty

This website is affiliated with the products we recommend, but we are not part of it. They cannot influence us in our ratings or change a review from negative to positive or vice versa. Including the terms of the warranty, you cannot claim it through us. However, the products we review have a warranty ranging from 30 days to 60 days.
All information on this website is in the form of information that we provide not as a definite answer, you can see more website reviews outside this website.

3. Responsibilities of visitors

Toba Healhty does not claim responsibility for any decisions you make. We do not guarantee 100% that what you will get from these products will be the same as the results of our review.

6. Your Responsibilities as a Buyer

We are also not responsible for what you do to the products you choose. You should always follow the product service guidelines and rules. If you do something that is detrimental to your product, it is not our responsibility.