Quickest Way to Lose Weight Fast

Nowadays, there are many things that could be done in losing weight. Most importantly, there are a lot of factors that could influence the weight loss whether through dieting or exercising. Thus, here is some quickest way to lose weight fast according to Cinderella solution that you could follow.

Trying Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is a pattern of eating that is associated with regular short-term fast and eating meals in a shorter time period all day. Some studies have displayed that short intermittent fasting that is last up to 24 weeks continuation in duration, that could cause weight loss in an overweight person.

Tracking Your Diet and Exercise

The next quickest way to lose weight fast is by tracking your diet and exercise. If you want to lose weight faster, then you should be mindful of everything that you eat and you drink every day. The most effective way to do this is by recording everything that you eat and drink in a journal or online food recorder. It is important thing to do because by tracking everything that you consume could help you be aware of the calories intake that you take every day. Furthermore, a recent study has shown that by doing this tracking it could help you to maintain your weight loss.

Eating Protein for Breakfast

Eating meals that have high protein is essential in the process of weight loss. Why? Because protein could help increasing your metabolism, and protein also could regulate appetite hormones that lead people to feel full for longer. A protein source that is good for your breakfast are including eggs, oats, nuts, and butter.

Cutting back on sugars and refined carbs

Another quickest way to lose weight fast is by cutting back on sugars and refined carbs. If you consume too much sugars and refined carbs, then it could lead you to obesity. Refined carbs are not good because it is made of processed foods that not containing anymore fibers, and any other nutrients that are needed by your body. The food that belongs to this refined carbs are including white rice, pasta, and bread. Furthermore, this refined carbs are digested quickly and they also convert to glucose in a rapid pace. When entering the blood, those leftover glucose could inflame the hormone insulin, in which in return will encourage the fat storage in the adipose tissue. This is not good because it could contribute to weight gain. Additionally, it is essential for people to swap processed food and sugary food with something that are healthier.